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The thermoelectric effect of Peltye consists in absorption or allocation of heat on a spaa of two various metals or semiconductors when on these conductors electric current proceeds. If having soldered E1 and E2 of thermoeMF of the first and second, the amount of heat received on a spaa at a temperature of T(K) is expressed by a formula: Q = (E1 - Extx

Important function of scanning is increase of noise immunity of OEP. Really, application of a small instant field of vision at the review of the big space containing small-sized object against hindrances certainly is more preferable, than performance of the same operation by the device with a big field of sight.

The round form of a field is formed by axisymmetric trajectories which are created at the expense of two components of scanning. One of them is the rotary motion with a constant speed, the second – both rotary, and oscillating motions.

This method of cooling is based on effect of fall of temperature at a fast drosselirovaniye of gas under a high pressure (20-40 Megapixels. The received difference of T is small therefore the heat exchanger using the received cold for fall of temperature of gas before a drosselirovaniye is necessary.