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Kleanf from Ass who consistently adhered to the philosophical principles of the teacher was the pupil and Zenon's follower. More certain form to stoical thinking is given by Hrisipp from Saul. It turns stoical philosophy into extensive system.

The center and the carrier of knowledge, according to stoical philosophy, the soul is. It is understood as something corporal, material. Sometimes it is designated as pneumo (compound of air and fire). Racks call its central part in which ability to thinking and in general all that it is possible to define in present terms as mental activity is localized, reason (gegemoniky). The reason connects the person with the whole world. The individual reason is part of world reason.

Epicurus had a number of pupils from whom the most outstanding were Metrodor from Lampsak and Germarkh from Mitilena. One of the latest epicureans - Filodem - transfers Epicurus's doctrine to the I century BC to Rome where it rather quickly extended. Epikureizm represented himself in the Greek philosophy of the III—I century BC the most accurately expressed materialistic direction and in principle played a positive role.