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with the indication of products (to an usl of the enterprise, the inventory of the existing commodity market (services) and its future development with determination of specific weight of the enterprise in the market; main suppliers and buyers of production (goods, to an usl, the analysis of competitors in the internal and external markets, carrying out advertizing campaigns etc.

In pre-revolutionary time for the accounting of moral shape of the client it was supposed to take into account even the past of the borrower and the past of his partners in business, and it is equal also those firms, in dependence or in close business connection with which it consisted.

Conclusions can be drawn on change of a balance sheet total, carrying out comparison of a result of balance (fixed assets and other non-current assets + stocks and expenses + money and other assets) for the beginning of the period and for the end.

The business risk is the risk connected by that the circulation of funds of the borrower can not come to the end in time and with estimated effect. Factors of business risk are various reasons resulting in discontinuity or a delay of a circulation of funds at separate stages.