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The size of the company also influences a choice of the channel of a. The large companies prefer to deal from an, than with numerous retail trade. Small a build the trade relations with system of retail trade directly.

Has no kind of activity for health of economy of such importance as sale, but also it needs market researches. The last part of work is devoted to market researches which purpose, to study behavior of consumers and to define the factors influencing the decision on purchase of stationery.

If the market represents a great interest for firm, and it is adjusted for long-term work in the market and constant increase in a market share, the company will organize channels of distribution: carries out sale through and directly works at the market.

The policy of the prices for involvement of highly paid clients - is carried out in conditions. when low sensitivity of demand to the price has ­, and the is not a subject daily an. Possible competitors are not present so far. Even at small sale there is no such big growth of a which would lead the profitable to deterioration! and production.

represents collections of the reduced models, elements of puzzles (the flat picture which ­ to make of a set of parts, color stickers). Such award is turned to children, often being an of purchases;

With a delay of payment of a discount and the fullest use of a of brand some producers attract to increase of interest in reduction of prices to any socially useful a.

Stationery from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia will drive further out of the market production. Goods, excellent on all indicators, for an will take a worthy place on and regiments of our at numerous offices and offices.

Sale stimulation, to try it new ­, facilitates acquaintance with it. Growth of sales is promoted by a of the special trial prices, offers of samples, payment by installments, providing quantity of goods and.

From purely financial point of view situation the, professing this approach, can as increase in mass of profit and a at the invested capital, and considerable profitability. Therefore when using the prices plant management has to as it is possible to calculate more precisely possible consequences as degree of risk remains rather high.

Necessary condition effective the of this approach is rather big share of a sales market controlled by the enterprise. Besides the high prestige of production, commitment of consumers to production of this enterprise is necessary.

Control of planned actions. Check of profitability of the planned is carried out by carrying out tests to and to the of sales promotion; thus gets out ­ outlets and sale before stimulation is analyzed.

To give to marketers necessary motivation the producer applies various receptions: the privilege provides to them financial, will organize competitions, arranges trips - all this is sales promotion.

It is expedient to sell goods of daily demand through a wholesale and retail distribution network. Resellers it is better, than the enterprise knows consumers of production and will be able to satisfy better their requirements.

If goods cost insufficiently high on a with sizes of the award which is quite corresponding to image of these goods, it is possible to involve an outlet in stimulation of sales. In addition to purchase of the goods which is object of stimulation, the has to make other purchases for a certain sum.

It is important to define correctly a target segment of consumers, show interest in goods and are ready to buy it. The wrong segmentation will lead to an unreasoned expense of resources, and the firm will not get necessary profit.

The consumer, undoubtedly, possesses the greatest importance. All of marketing is reduced to a on the consumer. The wide range of methods of stimulation of a was created for the only purpose - the most effective way ­ the consumer to goods and to its inquiries.

Awards for achievement of special indicators: cataloguing of goods, an overfulfillment of indicators during business recession - form the basis for payment of an award which sizes are proportional to an overfulfillment of indicators.